Cyber Security Services


We are in the midst of a massive transition away from networking technologies that were designed for the 20th century when mobile, IoT and cloud did not exist. The surge in mobile and IoT means that wired and wireless networks must deliver more than just connectivity—the network is expected to provide actionable insights and analytics that justify future investments, that serve mobile and IoT needs—while keeping the network secure and without breaking the budget. Aruba solutions are optimized for today’s enterprise and SMB environments where mobile, voice and video and IoT are pervasive.

We are always customer first, customer last.
We don’t develop technology for technology’s sake—everything we do starts and ends with our customers.

We are unconventional and innovative.
We have never been a traditional networking company; since the beginning we had to change the rules to survive. This is reflected in everything we do.

We are the biggest small company.
Over the years, we’ve maintained our core value of being the biggest, small company—treating our customers and employees like family while remaining nimble and ahead of market shifts.

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