2023 Alabama Business Technology Conference

10/3/2024 - 10/4/2024


The Alabama Business Technology Conference (ABTC) is a strategic training and trade show event that spotlights topics ranging from artificial intelligence,  data analytics, data protection, biotechnology,  cyber security to new generation servers, appliances and software solutions.

Find out more at: https://atf.alabamatechnologyfoundation.org/s/atf-conference


Exhibit Hall Passes: Includes Exhibit Hall Access and access to all breakout sessions is $25.00. 

Keynote Luncheon on Thursday: $45.00.

Thursday Night Reception: $25.00

Full Access Pass: Includes all of the above $90.00

10/3/2024 - 10/4/2024

This two-day conference, tradeshow and professional training event will be held October 3-4.

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