Full Stack PHP Developer

Job Description
Kinetic Communications (www.kinetic.com) is looking for an experienced full stack developer to join our team full-time. Our dream draft pick would be passionate about working on a variety of custom responsive websites, from initial concepting to site launch. Experience with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GIT are all requisites. Flexibility, project estimation and team collaboration are also essential at our project-based studio.
Throw in a fun attitude, experience with WordPress, Laravel (or other MVC frameworks), Vue or React, accessibility, mobile design, an excellent eye for UX, and a healthy love of trains and we’ll turn cartwheels down the cobblestones of historic Morris Avenue in our reenergized, vibrant downtown of Birmingham, Alabama.
The official next step, if you’re interested, is to fill out our not-so-short, but fun form at www.kinetic.com/the-company/careers/ so we can continue the process.
Contact Information