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About us

MainStreet is a company on a roll! We have grown tremendously in the last few years and are looking move even faster. A key to our success has been embracing technology, and to that end we have a number of cool in -house solution that facilitate our business. We are the only Urgent Care company in the world with a software developer team, that is for sure!

We are embarking on a process to support our growth and to revolutionize the way the patient registration, check-in, and patient out of clinic interface with the company works. We have NLP, computer vision, machine learning, face recognition, near field blue tooth tagging, all kinds of cool stuff in the mix. As we have more things to work on and more complex internal products we need to grow up. Its time for a formal Product Owner and Project Manager to step in and help us get to the next level. That’s you!

About the role

  • You know the needs.
    • You work with the stakeholders to review their product needs, issues, and vision.
    • You can translate these into documentation and facilitation tools the stakeholders can work with and that insure congruence (e.g., user stories, Business Requirements Documents (BRD), and business process diagrams).
  • You are awesome at planning and documenting.
    • You turn the needs into user stories and similar documentation that the development team can use (e.g., use cases, requirements gathering, system mapping and analysis, process mapping, analysis, and improvement).You ensure that the team continuously has a backlog of well-defined and estimated user stories that you create and curate.
    • You are looking at the long-range path to getting to where we need to be, breaking that down into steps and pressing toward completion.
    • You could be an air traffic controller in another life.
  • You are awesome at project managing.
    • You facilitate the prioritization and overall planning of what the development team is working on.
    • You know what bugs there are, feature requests there are, upgrades, and longer range task. You keep up with them all and find ways to get everything delivered on time with the resources you have.
    • To this end you facilitate simplification and shortcutting as needed to meet deadlines.
    • You keep duct tape, guerrilla glue, and a case of Red Bull on hand at all times.
    • You manage 3rd party vendors and consultants to be on time, on budget, and on point.
    • You have worked closely with Project Managers, Product Managers, Development Leads, QA Leads, and multiple business users.
  • At times you have worked as a scrum master (maybe you hold the CSPO or CSM certifications) and even conducted scrum ceremonies (e.g., sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, spring review/demo). You are awesome at motivating and managing developers.
    • Each week you help them plan out the week and keep everyone motivated and bought in.
    • You are monitoring production and progress and making pivots as needed to stay on track.
    • You check developer productivity and code commitment levels to make sure we are on track.
    • You can have the hard conversations in a way that engages others and creates commitment to success.
  • You have no problem working with remote development teams, QA leads, and end-users from different time zones. You rock testing and deployment.
    • You make sure the development team has fully tested and lives a culture of exacting delivery.
    • You perform testing and UAT.
    • Document “as-is” and “will-be” state, prepare for production releases, and work across teams as needed.

About you

  • You have a passion for building really cool stuff and making things easier for customers. User-centered product design fires you up.
  • Experience as a Product Owner or Project Manager in a software development setting; that includes managing others; preferably software developers.
  • Experience with UX Research, Usability Testing & User Research.
  • You appreciated a good roadmap.
  • Working knowledge of software development and coding. You could probably even do some basic coding and pitch in as needed.
  • Willing to, or already living in Birmingham, AL where we are located.
    • You could work from home a good bit, but you need to be with the tech team at least two days a week and meet with stakeholders and others as needed.
  • Experience testing software.
  • Strong problem solver with ability to lead.
  • Perhaps you have certifications in the following areas or something similar.
    • PMP-certified (Project Management Professional).
    • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

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